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TDS Return – Due Date & Penalty Calculator

What are the interests and late fees under the GST Act?

Interest is applicable due to the late payment of GST. Interest has to be paid by every registered taxpayer who pays GST after the due date or claims excess Input Tax Credit (ITC) or reduces excess output tax liability. The interest on late payment of GST is as follows:

Particulars Interest
Tax paid after the due date 18%
Excess ITC claimed or excess reduction in output tax liability 24%

When a taxpayer does not file GST returns within the prescribed due dates, a late fee is charged. The late fee amount will depend upon the number of days of delay from the due date. The late fee under GST is also applicable for the ‘NIL’ return filers. The following is the applicable late fee for GSTR-3B:

Particulars Normal Return Filers Nil Return Filers
CGST Act Rs 25 Rs 10
SGST/UTGST Act Rs 25 Rs 10
IGST Act Rs 50 Rs 20

What is India Tax GST interest and late fee calculator?

The India Tax GST interest and late fee calculator enables taxpayers to easily arrive at the interest and late fee to be paid in case of late filing of returns.

Due to the COVID-19 situation in the country, the government provided relief in the interest and late fee for GSTR-3B return filers. Also, the GSTR-3B filling will be in a staggered manner based on the turnover in the previous financial year. This calculator provides interest and late fee calculation for the GSTR-3B return filers at their convenience.

Advantages of India Tax GST interest and late fee calculator

There are different cut-off dates for taxpayers with varying interest rates on GST late payment based on their turnover. However, by using this calculator, the taxpayers can get to know the amount of interest and late fee to be paid with a simple data submission.

How to use this calculator?

Gst Late Fee Calculator

GSTR 3B Interest and late fee calculator
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Interest amount to be paid
₹ 0
Late Fee to be paid
₹10000 (CGST : ₹5000 + SGST: ₹5000)
Original Due Date 22 Mar 2020
Relaxed Date with 0% pa 30 Jun 2020
Relaxed Date with 9% pa 30 Sep 2020
No. of days 593 days
Applicable Rate of Interest 18%
Tax liability ₹ 0
Interest ( 92 * 0 * 0.09) / 366 = 0.00
(593 * 0 * 0.18) /366 = 0.00
=₹ 0
Late Fee
(No. of days = original due date to date of submission)
785* 20 = Actual : ₹ 15700
But can only pay : ₹10000 (CGST : ₹5000 + SGST: ₹5000)